Service Idea

The company respects the entrepreneurial spirit of "pragmatic, hard work, and responsibility, and creates a good corporate environment with integrity, win-win, and innovative business philosophy. It uses a brand-new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful service, and excellent quality as the basis for survival. The company considers customers in all aspects, always insists on customer first, serves customers with heart, and insists on using its own services to impress customers.

Service Process

The company takes "pursuing customer satisfaction" as its purpose, and provides customers with a full range of intimate services

  • 01

    Telephone or internet consultation to determine the price

  • 02

    Appointment time, on-site measurement and design

  • 03

    Sign production contracts with customers

  • 04

    Customer pays deposit

  • 05

    Back to company production

  • 06

    Home installation

  • 07

    The full payment will be paid after the customer passes the acceptance

Sale Service

1、Regular inspection system:


Our company has specially formulated a regular inspection plan and the responsibilities and quality assurance measures of each department, as follows:

▲ After-sales service department:

Regularly organize visits and surveys to customers, collect customer quality feedback information, and timely transfer customer feedback to the Quality Information Department.

▲ Quality Inspection Department:

The problems found during the inspection should be dealt with in a timely manner, while providing customer feedback to the company; formulating solutions and maintenance service implementation plans; organizing and implementing after-sales service work; responsible for quality inspection and supervision in the after-sales service process.

▲ Related departments:

All departments provide design drawings and maintenance materials in a timely manner according to the maintenance implementation plan and maintenance plan.

2、Other systems and plans

▲ Set up an office in the city where the project is located, and retain full-time after-sales and maintenance personnel during the warranty period, so that possible door and window project quality problems can be solved at any time;

▲ After receiving a call from the property or the owner, a full-time staff will come to the door for service within 24 hours.

▲ The staff of the after-sales service department have been engaged in the door and window industry for many years, are skilled in technology, and provide round-the-clock service for the owners, without rest during holidays.

▲ After the project passed the completion acceptance, after the property company took over, our after-sales service staff immediately carried out the "escort" action: to solve the problems of the doors and windows of the project when the owner moved in in time;

▲According to different situations, we will provide the fastest and best maintenance and service until the customer is satisfied;

▲ Every year, we conduct skill training and quality education for after-sales service personnel.

Warranty content and guide


1. Warranty content

After the door and window projects installed by our company are delivered and accepted, the after-sales service will be fully launched, and the "Service Guide" will be issued to the owner to guide the owner to seek after-sales service.

2. Warranty period:

Once we win the bid, we will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality products and complete the door and window engineering projects on time with guaranteed quality and provide users with free after-sales service for doors and windows for two years.

Under normal conditions of use, the minimum warranty period for building doors and windows is:

(1) In case of complaints from the owners due to quality problems, come to the scene in time for free repairs or maintenance;

(2) For product quality problems caused by similar factors commonly complained by owners, we formulate special repair plans and provide product maintenance services for customers who complain about this problem;

(3) The warranty period of the project is 2 years;

The warranty period of other items shall be agreed in the contract, and the warranty period shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the contract.

3. The principle of fee collection:

During the warranty period, the company's products will be repaired free of charge if they find their own quality problems. Damage caused by improper use or objective factors by the owner, only the cost of materials will be charged. In order to show the sincerity of our company, attachment materials can be charged at half price.

After the warranty period expires, for the maintenance of doors and windows, material costs and necessary labor costs will be charged. Similarly, accessory materials will be charged at a preferential price.

4. Service guide:

We will provide a dedicated service line for after-sales service to facilitate the property owner and the owner to find us in time and communicate in time on our product quality issues.

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