Position:Test position

Place:Jiaxing │ jobsalary:Negotiable │ Number:2 | education: │ Release Time:2020-10-26 

1. Preside over the project work, organize and carry out various engineering consulting work in the commission contract, and be responsible for the daily management of the project consulting agency;

2. Control the implementation of the entire project to ensure the realization of project goals;

3. Responsible for project team management, organize project internal training, and implement project staff assessment;

4. Implement the company's work standards and requirements, and complete the project technical summary;

1. Bachelor degree or above

2. Proficient in engineering, technical and economic knowledge, with independent decision-making ability and comprehensive project management ability, excellent organization and coordination ability and ability to resist pressure;

3. With experience in large-scale project agency construction, the project hosted by the provincial level or above is preferred, and the salary is negotiable.

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