Becklow System

Becklow System

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Becklow System Concept-System Thinking

1. System design: implement a systematic and standardized product design process.

2. System materials: provide all the materials, tools and equipment involved in door and window curtain wall products except glass to ensure the technical compatibility and quality uniformity of the door and window products.

3. System solution: Baikeluo will provide the most advanced door, window and curtain wall structure solutions for project needs.

4. System quality assurance: provide system product technical standards, production matching and process standards, quality management system and inspection standards.

5. System service: service is the top priority of system products.

6. Systematic logistics management: logistics management is the key to the smooth implementation of the project.

Bucco series conventional products:

NOW-55 Casement Window Series

NOW-65 Casement Window Series

ND65 swing door] series

ND55 Swing Door Series

NFD70 Folding Door Series

NS55 sliding door series