Eight major trends in terminal sales in the door and window industry

Editor:浙江鸿翔节能幕门窗有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-10-21 

The current market competition in the door and window industry is also fierce. Brands in other related industries have also extended to the generation and sales of doors and windows. The terminal sales of doors and windows have become more complicated. However, new door and window brands that capture the characteristics of the industry have a clear brand positioning and terminal display. The system is differentiated, and the brand with strong training has a strong performance as soon as it enters the industry. The development of the door and window industry over the years has continued to grow in maturity, and the people involved in the terminal sales of doors and windows have speculated on eight major trends.  

1. Interbank brands enter the door and window industry  

More flooring companies or related industry brands will strongly diversify into the door and window industry. Once new brands master the characteristics of the industry, they will integrate the training, brand, service and efficient management system of the flooring industry into doors and windows, which will be used for a long time in the future. Out of its powerful strength, it is a new force that cannot be ignored.  

2. Grasp the key to the success of door and window brands  

The control of first- and second-tier cities will be the key to the brand's success, and those with high ground will win the world. The strong performance in many first-tier cities, with the goal of emphasizing the quality of single-store operation, deep cultivation, and continuous improvement of brand awareness and reputation. It is very easy to succeed if the mature models of super markets, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou are imported into first-tier cities, and then from first-tier to second-tier cities. Because the first-tier cities are well-known, it is easy to form a better radiation to the second- and third-tier markets, and can successfully replicate mature sales models in second-tier cities. Brands that have not yet made a strong voice in the first-tier market or the mainstream market will gradually become second-tier and third-tier brands, and may even lose their core competitiveness. 


3. Development of large-scale door and window flagship stores  

Large stores have become inevitable. Nowadays, major brands and excellent industry dealers have realized the necessity and importance of large stores, and are constantly looking for suitable locations to arrange flagship stores, super stores, and experience halls. At the same time, more brands are hovering in specialty stores of 120-200 square meters. Just like the development of a brand, the potential of the brand cannot be reflected. The development idea is small scale and slow growth.  

4. Terminal sales of doors and windows emphasize integration   

Terminal sales of products will no longer be the focus of introduction. Terminals emphasize more on door and window solutions, that is, real consultative sales. In addition to products that attract customers, brand appeal is gradually manifested, and designers become the key to signing orders. When shopping guides explain door and window products and brands, there is too much moisture, and the ability to sell door and window products seems to be very strong, but the content of the explanation is what all shopping guides in the door and window store of the store can tell. These contents are easy to copy and plagiarize. When there is no advantage, the explanations of shopping guides are dull and easy to be copied. A shop often collapses immediately because of the departure of a shopping guide. In addition to the shopping guide itself, there is no system for early warning.  

Designers will become the key to signing orders. When talking about product shopping guides, they already have very professional knowledge, but the positions of designers are more professional. Nowadays, designers in various specialty stores are designers who make drawings. They only make drawings and renderings. As for how to explain the plan to the owner, the ability is quite lacking. This is a very good breakthrough. The survey found that it is easier to get the owner’s approval through the designer, because the design is more professional and the owner is more easily persuaded. . 


5. Pay attention to after-sales service  

Whoever values after-sales service can get orders. The door and window industry is a customized industry. The characteristics of semi-finished products and the involvement of a large number of human resources determine that the industry is characterized as a typical service industry. For manufacturers, to do a good job of products, to avoid problems, to manage product quality and delivery, that is, to serve distributors well, and distributors can concentrate on providing services to consumers, including pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales Establish a good relationship with customers in all aspects.

6. Create a model display of physical doors and windows   

The decoration of the exhibition hall will gradually transition to "what you see is what you get". In the terminal, the decoration of the exhibition hall is based on the actual house type, and the model display design is carried out. That is, every set of sample cabinet display seen is actually simulated by the local door and window type. 

In this kind of exhibition hall, consumers feel the doors and windows closer to the reality. The sales concept of WYSIWYG was quickly recognized by the owners through the display of mock doors and windows in the showroom, which is closer to the real home improvement effect. The samples you see can be bought directly in sets, and the sales results can be imagined. 

7. New door and window brands attach importance to the profitability of a single store   

The new door and window brands will shift from focusing on speed to focusing on single store profitability in the process of investment in the national market. Nowadays, the operating capacity of single door and window stores is not ideal, so some "paper tigers" recognized by the industry have appeared, which seem to be very powerful, but in fact, the profitability of single stores is poor. The national market is scattered and there is no key market. Some strong regional brands will gradually decline, and some will continue to lead in strong markets. Because of the solid foundation and will continue to establish its own core competitiveness in advantageous markets, this type of door and window brand has a successful model, high requirements for a single store, and slow investment promotion, but it can better grasp each new store and enter the model one by one. Many markets can enter the top 3 local sales within half a year after entering the local area, showing strong development momentum.  

8. The "soft power" of store management has become a must for success after opening a store

Many door and window dealers and manufacturers believe that a strong shopping guide in specialty stores can capture a large number of orders. With the serious homogeneity of door and window brand products, the competitiveness of the product itself is gradually weakened. When shopping guides explain door and window products, they often find that: The explanation routine two years ago has been completely unable to get orders quickly now. Why? They are also thinking about it. The reason has been found. It turns out that the basic similarity that consumers have heard in other stores is completely lost. It’s necessary to listen to it. This problem also appears in many mature industries. What should I do?  

Through the improvement of the overall service and the first-class and efficient team management of employees, the core competitiveness of the store itself is created. Only by establishing its own core competitiveness can the store remain youthful and achieve sustainable operation. Improve the combat effectiveness of the team through incentives, accurately match information through regular meetings, communicate in time, and improve the overall quality of the store through training, so as to achieve the common progress of the company and employees. At present, the shaping of soft power in the door and window industry is basically lacking. A large number of specialty stores Attaching importance to hard power and has been making no achievements in soft power shaping. In the next period of time, the network construction of a complete door and window brand will invest a lot of energy to enhance the overall competitiveness of dealers and stores. Brands have been established first Dealer Academy, to improve the overall quality of dealers and keep pace with the brand.