Industry development direction: energy-saving doors and windows may replace traditional doors and windows

Editor:浙江鸿翔节能幕门窗有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-10-21 

As far as the current domestic energy-saving wooden doors and windows account for the proportion of construction projects, energy-saving doors and windows that were only used in some of the first high-end projects, now with the popularization of green buildings, people's living standards are also increasing, and energy-saving doors and windows are gradually Quickly entering the homes of ordinary people, it can also be seen that energy-saving doors and windows have been fully recognized and accepted by consumers.

Wooden windows account for only 30% of the 10 million flat windows in the 40 million square meters of high-end villa projects developed annually in China. The main reason for not being widely used is the price. In Germany, the price of wooden windows is 1.6 times that of plastic windows, and the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows is higher than that of wooden windows. This is determined by the K value. Generally, when the K value is 1.5-2.0, the price of plastic windows is 800-1200 yuan per square meter, and the aluminum alloy doors and windows of broken bridges are 1200-1500 yuan per square meter. When the K value is 1.0, the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows reaches about 2500 yuan per square meter, which is much higher than that of wooden windows. Therefore, the cost performance of wooden windows is greatly improved as the K value decreases.

Energy-saving doors and windows will replace traditional doors and windows

In the past ten years, the real estate industry has developed rapidly, so some real estate developers would rather ignore quality risks and choose low-quality doors and windows to increase their wealth, making quality doors and windows difficult. But this year is a good year for the wooden doors and windows industry. Domestic policy promotion has higher requirements for building energy efficiency. Among many green technologies and green building materials, wooden doors and windows are the most mature, with good effects and high cost performance. The product.

With the government's cautious attitude towards the real estate industry, the intervention and control of the entire process from land use approval to sales have reduced the originally huge profit margins, and neglected quality issues have been brought back to the table. Doors and windows are frequently used in buildings, and the quality difference is obvious. Therefore, high-quality energy-saving doors and windows are the best choice in terms of policies and public opinion. In the future, real estate developers who trust the people with quality will take the superior quality of energy-saving doors and windows as their selling point.

Development direction of energy-saving wooden doors and windows

In order to increase the lighting and ventilation area or to express the character characteristics of modern buildings, the doors and windows of buildings are getting larger and larger and more fully glass curtain wall buildings, and the heat loss of doors and windows accounts for more than 40% of the total heat loss of the building. Energy saving of doors and windows is The key to building energy saving, doors and windows are not only sensitive parts of energy gains and losses, but also related to lighting, ventilation, sound insulation, and facade modeling. This puts forward higher requirements for the energy-saving of doors and windows. The energy-saving treatment is mainly to improve the thermal insulation performance of materials and improve the airtightness of doors and windows.

In the development of windows, balcony windows will develop toward floor-to-ceiling sliding windows, and new mid-hung and top-hung windows will be developed; bathrooms will mainly develop ventilation windows, which have the functions of anti-line of sight and ventilation; kitchen windows will develop into elongated windows, located in Between the kitchen wall cabinet and the console; the door and window shading technology is suitable for widespread promotion in hot summer and warm winter areas.